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Become a Member 
4 Classifications of Memberships

1. Regular Member
2. Social Member
3. Senior Member
4. Lifetime Member


Applicant must:
> Be a person born in Italy or the descendant of those of Italian lineage;and/or spouse of said person
> Be a person who has been adopted by persons of Italian lineage; and, spouse of said person
> Not have been expelled from any lodge of the Order (OSIA)
> Be a law-abiding person who believes in, and upholds, the Constitution of the USA.
> Believe in the fundamental principle of God and Country and not to profess any doctrine which aims to unlawfully overthrow the social order or organized government by force or violence.
> Must be approved for membership by the Membership Committee


> A person who follows all requisites above for Regular Member, but because of his/her national origin is not admitted as a regular member.
> Social member are not allowed to hold office or vote.


> A Senior Member is any Regular or Social who is 65 years old.
> See fee schedule for discounted member rates for senior members.


> A Lifetime Member is any Regular, Senior or Social member who has demonstrated 50 continuous years of membership to the Lodge.

Please contact the Lodge for more information or download an application here:

The Lodge:


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Lodge monthly meetings are held the second Thursday of each month (excluding August) at 7:30pm at the Lodge.

Amerigo Vespucci Lodge #160 Roster of Officers 2022

Our lodge has many important positions to help keep it running efficiently. For the current year, here is a listing of current officers. To contact any one of them, please use our general email or phone contact information and we will forward it to the appropriate person(s).


Roster of Officers

President - Pasquale Butera
1st Vice President - Antonio Scalzo
2nd Vice President - Ottavio Muraca
Recording Secretary - Renée Butera
Treasurer - Lisa Scalzo
Financial Secretary - John DeBenedetto
Ass't Financial Secretary - Nancy Cammisa 

Orator -  Felice Fiore

Immediate Past President - Bruno Tropeano


Administrative Council Positions

Council members are elected for each new term.

These are the positions that are posted for nominations.

Primary Administrative Council Positions
Vice President
Immediate Past President
Recording Secretary
Financial Secretary



Masters/Mistresses of Ceremonies

Grand and Alternate Delegates

Assistive Positions Role/Descriptions
1st Vice President Assist the VP and represent the lodge at various functions at the President's request
Assistant Treasurer Assist the Treasurer and take over in the absence of the Treasurer
Assistant Recording Secretary Assist the Recording Secretary and take over in the absence of the Recording Secretary
Assistant Financial Secretary Assist the Financial Secretary and take over in the absence of the Financial Secretary


Presidential term is limited to 2 consecutive terms or 2 years

Elections occur in April of the election year

Nominations are brought to the nomination committee

Creed of the Order of the Sons of Italy

We Believe in the Government by orderly process and reject any doctrine that tends to subvert constituted government and authority.

We Believe in filial affection and respect for the Land of our Forefathers whose heritage is our highest contribution to America’s progress.

We Believe in the brotherhood of man and promise to assist our fellow members, to care for the orphans, to extend our helping hand to the widows and to comfort those in distress.

We Believe in equal rights and duties for all; in equality of opportunity in the enjoyment of the benefits of human association extended to all without discrimination.

We Believe in freedom of thought, conscience and education and stand for individual liberty in the performance of duties and in the exercise of rights under the Constitution and laws of our Country and State.

We Believe in the future progress and expansion of the Order Sons of Italy in America as the beneficial agent of all Americans of Italian birth or descent for their recognition and welfare, and promise to contribute to the moral, intellectual and material progress of our fellow members, and to support the programs of the Order and all its activities for the welfare of our Country, our Order and the Community in which we live.

We Believe in the Government of the United States of America as the Government of the people, by the people, and for the people and promise to obey and uphold its Constitution and Laws.

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